Movies and Lingerie

Hollywood and Lingerie:

Hollywood and the Lingerie industry owes a huge debt Thurs each other, and it would be hard to imagine one without the other. The Movies Showcasing the latest designs and creations, while lingerie designers and brands continually turn to cinema icons for inspiration for new styles or nostalgic.
It would be a huge task and a nearly Impossibility to catalog all the brands and designers have That through the history of film offered a movie inspired style or collection That share for example tribute to Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Betty Hutton, Rita Hayworth to name a few goddesses of yesteryear.
Filmmakers have been lingering over lingerie in romantic scenes for nearly a century, making the undergarments often revealing a part of a film’s narrative. Who can forget Scarlett Johannson’s briefs in the opening scene of Lost In Translation, or Janet Leigh bra in Hitchcock’s Psycho, and not to mention Sharon Stone’s class act hinting at lingerie, or rather the lack of it, in the blockbuster movie Basic Instinct – just to mention three names out of Hundreds of such iconic moments?
The early days of Hollywood has provided a renewed inspiration for today’s lingerie industry and designers, and especially to films of the 40s-50s and even earlier for styles and ideas as a nowadays revival in the vintage look. As an example the enduring bond between lingerie and Hollywood can be seen in the successful film ‘My Week With Marilyn’ staring Michelle Williams , an Oscar-nominated film, which reawaken a global obsession with Marilyn Monroe and retro inspired underwear and lingerie.

Movies and Lingerie

Hollywood Underwear tips:

If you fancy trying out a new bedroom getup, or want some new Lingerie ideas or for an underwear drawer update: Have a look at our top picks for films and shows where the undergarment costume department gets top billing alongside the stars – and choose the style you’d love to channel…

Sex and the City:

Take Sex and the City’s styling which encapsulate contemporary-cool, unfussy yet sexy luxury lingerie. With Miranda and Carrie’s demi-cup bra and briefs sets in a brighter shade or even in a print louder than you would usually go when lingerie – even if it is only you that sees it, you’re guaranteed to feel that little bit sexier and more confidant Throughout the day.

Demi-cup bra

A Sexy, Demi Cup Bra
The truth is, men love demi bras. Contoured, underwire bra has cups partially cut away to expose the top of the breast. This bra style almost always has wide set shoulder straps as well. It’s a very flattering style and comes in handy when you find yourself with a low cut, wide scoop or square neckline where your every day bra will show. Not to mention… it’s a great date bra!

The Notorious Bettie Page:

Now! Whether you are a little or full-fledged saucy Bettie Page type Pre-owned, or more an innocent Betty Sue, anyone can draw inspiration from this gorgeous underwear Biographical Which flick showcases the styling of the foremost 40s pin-up star. Match a bandeau-style strapless satin with black bar-panel high-waister briefs, back-seamed stockings and suspenders, and you cannot help but stun.

Bettie Page look

Dita Von Teese is a great example of reviving and keeping this era alive through her famous burlesque shows and personality, and she additionally has a great input in the garments and styles featured in our next subjects.

Moulin Rouge:

Corsets, Corsets and more … Moulin Rouge is full of delectable showgirl outfits all Centered around the corset, jazzed up to perfection with sequins, satin, lace and feathers. Wear with French knickers, fishnets and stilettos for the full Moulin Rouge Swagger, or tone down the look with a gorgeously simple fitted black corset with eyelet fastenings down the front, a la Nicole Kidman’s most famous outfit in the movie.

Moulin Rouge style

Mad Men:

The 60s-inspired Mad Men look is all about ultra-feminine styles: think white lace and silk slips, body shaping or Basques Corsets and tan stockings. Alternately, pick up a white or black bullet bra which had a comeback after Jean Paul Gaultier designed the bullet bra corset worn by the one and only Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990 – A bullet bra has a stiff, pointed cups – and give it a modern twist by wearing as outerwear under a sheer top.

60s influenced Lingerie


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